SerenityRidge new icon Upcoming Spring Retreats Focus on 'The Five Wisdoms'

Retreats at Serenity Ridge in Virginia and Vienna, Austria

Five Wisdoms calligraphyJoin Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in exploring “The Five Wisdoms” this spring. Rinpoche will teach on the topic at the Serenity Ridge Spring Retreat April 13–15 and in Vienna, Austria May 11–13.

Wisdom has a specific meaning in dzogchen: the recognition of the natural state, one’s true nature. It does not refer to something we come by gradually or with age or experience; rather, it describes the recognition of the complete perfection in this moment, in any given moment.

When we realize the unbounded openness and pure awareness of our natural mind, this recognition displays itself as five distinct wisdom qualities.

  • Wisdom of emptiness: Seeing all phenomena including oneself as lacking inherent existence, we are open without boundary.
  • Mirrorlike wisdom: Recognizing all appearance as the display of the clear, unobscured nature of mind, we are rich with unlimited potential.
  • Wisdom of equanimity: Free of the bias of accepting or rejecting, we embrace all experience with openness, awareness and warmth.
  • Discriminating wisdom: Realizing the uniqueness of each appearance, we ripen the spontaneously arising virtuous qualities.
  • All-accomplishing wisdom: Complete in this moment, we express positive qualities creatively, spontaneously and effortlessly for the benefit of all.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this special retreat in the United States or Europe.

Registration for the Serenity Ridge retreat opens February 16. Check the Serenity Ridge website article for registration information at that time.

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