Sherap Chamma icon 'Sherap Chamma: Mother of Wisdom and Love'

Serenity Ridge Retreat February 1618 with Marcy Vaughn

Sherap ChammaSherap Chamma, Mother of Wisdom and Love, is the source of wisdom, and her medicine is love and compassion. The teachings of Sherap Chamma comprise one of the most important tantric cycles of the ancient Bön tradition.

Marcy Vaughn, senior student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, will help participants learn a beautiful and simple meditation practice enabling each to directly connect with the divine feminine energy.

With visualization, the sound of mantra and deep contemplation, participants can make a personal connection to this sacred form of the universal mother, Sherap Chamma, and are guided through this connection to innate wisdom and the love and compassion that naturally radiate from that wisdom.

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