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Letter from the Editors

Teamwork Making It All Happen at Ligmincha International


Dear Friends,

These are busy days at Ligmincha International! Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has inspired so many volunteers nearly everywhere around the world, together working to make different projects manifest ... including his FREE live Facebook broadcasts, called TWR LIVE, that he is giving every few days. Read the details below on how to connect, and check out the archive of past TWR LIVE broadcasts. Also, if you missed the Losar broadcast with Tenzin Rinpoche and the Ligimincha worldwide resident teachers, you can view the recording on YouTube here.

And starting April 8, don’t miss a new FREE two-week online GlideWing course taught by Rinpoche on "Focusing and Calming the Mind“ for both beginners and experienced practitioners. See all the details below.

There is a lot of teamwork being done in the planning for Ligmincha International's 25th Anniversary celebration this year. Read about how you can help by submitting photos. And see the latest details on the 25th Anniversary celebration that will take place in the fall. Following the Annual Fall Retreat (October 18-21), a special 25th Anniversary celebration will be held on Sunday, October 22, to be followed by the Science and Spirtuality Conference, beginning the evening of October 22 and continuing thru October 24. We are excited to share with you that during the Fall Retreat, Rinpoche will teach a new retreat topic for the first time – see the announcement below. We hope you can attend and join in celebrating Ligmincha's first 25 years!  

SerenityRidgeTall Flags Along DrivewayLigmincha's annual summer retreat is always a festive, as well as deep, time for students, both through connecting to the teachings and sangha and finding their home at Serenity Ridge in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. This year Rinpoche will teach both dzogchen and the Bon Mother Tantra during each of the two weeks.

Of course, it takes teamwork to organize, plan, film, produce and promote – not to mention teach! – the latest online courses and practices that are available to students of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The GlideWing online free course on “Focusing and Calming the Mind,“ begins April 8; then later in April "The Nature of Mind – Achieving Great Bliss Through Pure Awareness“ will be offered. Also, Ligmincha Learning is offering a five-week online course on "The Three Heart Mantras“ that begins May 5.

Lishu Institute in Dehradun, India, offers a unique environment for devoted practitioners who want a place and time for in-depth study and practice. Read about the third year of teachings, starting in September 2017. Dzogchen teachings from the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyü will be taught in three 10-week cycles.

The 3 Doors is expanding its Compassion Project, Conscious Leadership Workshop and Body Wisdom programs. Find out how you might join in these meaningful and exciting endeavors. Senior student Alejandro Chaoul-Reich, will be presenting at the Historic First International Chöd-Zhijé Conference in Colorado this summer – more details below. 

Ligmincha  International announces its newest Board of Directors member: Frank Jeri Gomez of Peru. The Board members are a group of dedicated volunteers working with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche to continually help make Rinpoche's vision manifest. Welcome, Frank Jeri, and thank you all for your continuing creativity and hard work!

You will find the link to Ligmincha Europe Magazine's beautifully produced Winter issue, containing not only the latest news and announcements from Ligmincha, but also in-depth articles, stories and interviews covering a vast array of Bon Buddhist topics, as well as beautiful photos. Great thanks go out to another  wonderful team of volunteers making it happen!

Rinpoche SR smile

You can always find Tenzin Rinpoche's teaching schedule by date and by location on the Ligmincha International website. And as always, you'll find the links to the Spanish and Portuguese translations of the February issue of the Voice of Clear Light, brought to us thanks to a team of volunteers and translators, bringing their gift through the Voice of Clear Light newsletter to you.

We'd like to thank our teacher, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, who inspires us all to connect and to work as a team, who brings out the very best in us, who gives us many ways to grow and develop so that we can all give our hearts and souls in so many ways to benefit others.

If you are inspired to volunteer, email the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and let us know in what area you'd most like to assist.

Happy Anniversary, Ligmincha!

In Bön,

Aline and Jeff